Vehicle design and build

We start each project by creating a driving plan for each customer. We seek to understand each customer's motorsport aspirations and goals. Based on that roadmap, we select and build a car that allows the driver to effectively compete at the right level for their experience and budget. We handle both ground up motorsport chassis builds and street-to-track car conversions. Either way, Competition Associates builds each car by hand in our shop. We fabricate many parts in-house. We also partner with leading motorsport engineering and parts suppliers for engineering, testing and parts development. Our in-house capability combined with our extensive network of suppliers and testing facilities provides our customers with a level of service generally costing many times our rates. Specific services include:

  • Engine building and rebuilding
  • ECU tuning
  • Drivetrain rebuilding
  • Suspension tuning for both street and track including alignment and corner balancing
  • Brake system installation
  • Intake and exhaust installation and custom intake/exhaust fabrication
  • Safety including custom roll cages, harnesses, fire systems and racing seats
  • Aerodynamic installation and testing
  • Wheel and tire packages including track storage at Miller Motorsports Park
  • Vehicle storage at Miller Motorsports Park or at our Salt Lake shop