About us

Our history in motorsports is similar to many racers. First and foremost, we started out as car enthusiasts. That eventually led to autocross with SCCA and PCA. Like many others, it didn't take long before we wanted more. That led to club racing. Eventually we signed our first sponsor, Mini USA, and entered our first three professional races in the 2003 Grand Am Cup.

In 2005, Larry Miller, a successful Utah businessman and car enthusiast, announced he planned to build the Miller Motorsports Park, just 20 miles from Salt Lake City. Finally, people in Salt Lake that wanted to get into road racing would have a local track to call home. Our question was… Who would build the cars, provide racing support services and help new drivers? With no clear answer we sensed a business opportunity.

With backgrounds in mechanical engineering and business we decided to make our motorsport efforts more formal. We started by sub-leasing a small garage space from another shop. We only started with a few customers but that allowed us to focus on the shop infrastructure, buying tools and equipment.

Just two years later we have many loyal customers, a large garage trackside at Miller Motorsports Park and our own full-service facility in Salt Lake City. Throughout the years we've learned a lot about what our customers need, building racing cars and operating our business. Thankfully, we've never been in a better position to achieve our goal of providing a winning platform for our drivers, partners, and sponsors.